Installation of a new roof is as important as other installations in the home. All old roofs in a home could be very dangerous, it can fall down anytime, allow the rainwater to enter into the house, and damage the walls and flooring of the wall. In some cases, the water leaking problem caused by the old roof could result in more destruction in the house.

One should not take roof replacement lightly, or delay the roof replacement in Colchester. Just as the roof installation process, the roof restoration Colchester process is also very important.

Basic Roof Materials:

The selection of the material for the roof provided by the roofer in Colchester depends on the locality nearby the house as well as on the preference of the home’s owner whether the owner wants a flat roof Colchester or any other type of roof. For example, some owners want to have metal roofing that works is highly fire-resistant, and in some cases based on the home style, the house gets the Spanish-influenced tile tool.

The angle of the roof is also a very important factor considered by the roofers Colchester to select the material for the roof. If we take the example of wood shake shingles, then, then this material is perfect for steeper pitched roofs but not compatible with low-pitched, flatter roofs. Given below are some of the materials which are most commonly used for residential roofing Colchester:

  • Wood shakes or shingles: These shingles are on a bit expensive side but they are attractive shingles. The durability of these shingles is very high but these shingles could not be used in the regions where there is a danger of fire.

  • Asphalt composition shingles: These shingles are easily available and not that much expensive, but because of their flat appearance, these shingles are less attractive than other options. This is the most famous type of roof material used for commercial purposes.

  • Slate roofing: This option of roofing is high-end and highly attractive, but on the other hand, it is a very expensive material and a very heavy one too. Slate roofs have a very slippery surface; therefore, it becomes quite difficult to walk on them and difficult to repair when damaged.

  • Metal Roofing: In recent years, materials like aluminum or steel have become very popular to construct roofs because of their high durability and fireproof property. These are expensive roofs that require specialized contractors for installation, but they can be cost-effective in the long run due to their long life. There is a wide range of metals available in the market for roofing systems, which includes raised-seam panels and produces a roof that looks exactly like composite shingles.

  • Composition slate: This type of synthetic tiles basically consists of almost 95 percent of recycled materials, which also includes rubber. These tiles are gaining more popularity nowadays. As the name suggests, these tiles are very much similar to the tiles and other forms of stone tile and in comparison, to the slates, these tiles are very light in weight and less susceptible to damage.

  • Clay or Ceramic tile: Most prominent image tallies in Southern California and Florida, the popular Spanish-style red tile roof common in use. But the use of this red tile is being slowly replaced by metal and composite materials that show the same properties as that of Spanish tile look. There are some other types of roofing materials available in the market which catch up with the ceramic tile fire’s retardant ability, which adds very much less weight to the roof. This type of shingle is known as half-barrel but in general, it is a cylinder that is cut in half based on the length (around 16 inches in length).